No Judgement, Just Curiosity

Making healthy choices is a struggle for a lot of people. For some it’s around food, others it’s around relationships, money, or career. The way I like to approach each decision is with curiosity. Why am I making this choice? Does it support my goals, plans, and health? If not, is there a better alternative or solution? What am I learning about myself in choosing either path? Are there any resources or support I need?

Let’s put this thought process to the test around making a food choice. It’s a Friday night and I want some ice cream. Before taking action and going to buy ice cream, why am I making this choice? Is there something I am seeking other than eating delicious ice cream? Comfort, indulgence, reward etc. Are there any emotions attached to this decision? Stress, anxiety, excitement etc. Does eating ice cream support my health and wellness goals? What could I eat or do instead that would satisfy what I am seeking to fulfill? What can I learn here? I turn to food for comfort, when I’m stressed, when I want to celebrate an accomplishment etc. If I choose a different outlet to fulfill my needs, I come away with better insight and awareness around this situation and potentially a strategy to handle similar situations in the future. If I choose to go buy ice cream I approach it without judgement, especially if it is not in line with my goals and hopefully by checking in with these few questions I still come away with insight and awareness into why I make certain choices. Do I need support or resources? Does eating ice cream or the mindset around this action need a shift that I am having trouble making on my own?

The good news is there are so many professionals and support groups that help with changing mindset, making choices, and self development. Counselors, coaches, therapists, nutritionists, AA, to name a few. What I love about “no judgement” is it helps to reduce stress, which is a leading cause of many health issues, and develop a greater sense of self awareness and intuition. For some this comes easily, for others it’s a challenging skill to acquire, but comes with practice.

Be curious and keep learning about your SELF.

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