What is a Health & Wellness Coach?

A Health Coach is a collaborative healthcare professional focused on habit change to help clients achieve their goals. A health coach guides clients through nutrition and lifestyle modifications to help them become the best version of themselves. Most healthcare practitioners are masters of assessment but have little time to help their patients follow through with recommendations. Likely, patients leave knowing what to do but lack the accountability and support to make change happen OR a one size fits all protocol based on symptoms not the underlying cause. As a health coach I bridge the gap and help my clients get results utilizing individualized wellness programs to meet their needs. Health coaching is more about asking thought provoking questions for clients to use their intuition and self discovery rather than giving advice.  Health & Wellness coaching is not only about nutrition and exercise but also includes relationships, career, mindset, and spirituality. Often, how you do one thing is how you do everything, health coaches understand this and take a holistic approach to supporting the whole person.

Personalized Coaching Programs

P.R.E.P. Discovery Session: First things first let’s get clear picture of your goals. We will uncover what you want and what’s been stopping you or slowing you down from having the health, body, energy and/or life you want, and develop a VISION and PLAN for transformation. Making sure we are a good fit as coach and client is of utmost importance therefore all Discovery sessions are complimentary.

The 90 Day Revitalize Your Wellness Transformation: This program focuses on the holistic approach to health and wellness in weekly sessions. We cover everything from nutrition to meditation. Together we work through challenges, getting unstuck, and celebrating what’s going well. Through support and accountability you will be propelled to the next level on your journey, with increased confidence and motivation.

The 14 Day or 21 Day P.R.E.P. Reset: This cleanse is a great place to jump start your wellness journey, get refocused on nutrition, and gain awareness of how the foods you eat affect your body. If your are noticing any of the following: bloating, plateau in weight loss, weight gain, headaches, lack of energy, anxiety, allergies, cravings, foggy brain, muscle aches, this is the right program for you. We key in on eliminating common food allergens or toxins and incorporating cleanse enhancing activities to reset and revitalize your body.

The 28 Day Break-up with Sugar: Sugar is a major contributor to inflammation that drives most chronic illness and diseases. This program focuses on getting sugar out of your diet, tapering down slowly rather than going cold turkey. Identifying where sugar is hiding in your diet is crucial and finding alternatives to foods that stress your system. This is a nutrition based program and a great starting point to anyone who suffers from sugar addiction, chronic disease, cravings, fatigue, insulin resistance, trouble losing weight, and digestive issues.

The Ultimate Meal P.R.E.P.: This fun one month course is perfect for the busy, over scheduled person who knows what to eat but is struggling to make it a priority OR perhaps you are confused on what to eat and need guidance finding what works for your unique body OR maybe you want some new ideas and tips for making healthy meals for  your family. The principles of P.R.E.P. will be the focus: Plan, Refine, Eat, Prosper. We will cover weekly meal planning, recipes, shopping lists, food labels, eating for energy, and a bit on how the foods you eat affect your body. If you live locally in home meal prep, kitchen clean-up, and grocery shopping trips are included.

The Accelerated Meal P.R.E.P.: In person coaching including everything from The Ultimate course all in one fun filled day. We will discuss nutrition, goals, and clear kitchen clutter to make way for a new and improved lifestyle.

I would love to hear from you and help you on your health and wellness journey. To set up a complimentary discovery session contact me at prephealthcoach@gmail.com.

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