CSA Week 7&8

Spring is officially in full swing and more veggies are sprouting; excited for the weeks to come. Week 7 keeping the green theme going. Leafy greens are the power house vegetable, packed with nutrients and vitamins that our bodies crave. There is some definite truth to the saying “Eat your greens” more so than “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” The Standard American Diet (SAD) lacks many of these key vegetables for health. When I was growing up I loved vegetables, which I know isn’t the norm for many kids. Today, potatoes and corn rank highest among the most eaten vegetables in America, I would argue neither is quite what I would consider a “real vegetable” but rather a starch, to be consumed in moderation and always non-gmo. Ask me about any other vegetable and I would say eat an abundance especially the your greens!

Spinach: So versatile can be eaten cooked or raw. The mild flavor lends itself to be a great addition to morning smoothies or sautéing with other vegetables. This week I added it to my breakfast smoothies. Nutrients-vitamin A,E,K, B2,B6, iron, folate and magnesium. Health benefits- powerful anti-inflammatory which helps protect against heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and cancer. Bone health, immune support, skin and eye health. My favorite smoothie combo lately is 8oz coconut milk, 1 handful of greens, 2tbsp almond butter, 1tbsp ground flax, 1 serving vanilla protein powder, 1tsp maca powder, 1/2 tbsp milk thistle, 2tsp cinnamon, 1 tbsp collagen powder, a few ice cubes, optional 1/4 avocado. Blend and enjoy. If you like a thinner consistency add more coconut milk or water. smoothie 1

Arugula: One of my favorite leafy greens, I love the peppery flavor it adds to salads. I used it this week in a Spring Roll salad. Another great salad I love to use arugula in is an orzo salad with basil, feta and lemon juice, it’s simple, light and delicious. Nutrients- vitamin A,K, folate. Health benefits- anti-inflammatory, improves digestion, bone health, fights cancer, improves heart health. spring roll salad

Repeats: Pea Shoots, Baby turnips, Green Onions, Mixed Greens

Using the whole vegetable: Turnip greens in quinoa pilaf with chicken & oven roasted turnips with sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts.

Week 8 brings more greens and some of my favorites from my CSA share and also ordered another Imperfect Produce box. For more info on health benefits and nutrition see my previous posts featuring these veggies. It was bittersweet this week, I had to send my husband to pick up the CSA box since I had a Barre training class. What we’re working with this week: pea shoots AND snap peas sweet, crunchy and a delicious snack or in a salad, arugula (my favorite), salad onions, spinach, and stir fry mix. From Imperfect Produce I ordered carrots, rhubarb, cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, lemons, and limes. rhuberry crisp.jpgTrying a new spin on rhubarb crisp adding in blueberries for a sweet and tart Rhuberry crisp. A few weeks back when I made rhubarb crisp from my CSA box I used too much cinnamon so this time I toned it down to taste all the flavor profiles. broccoli beef.jpg

Made this delicious broccoli beef recipe using the stir fry mix greens from my CSA share. I’m still not exactly sure what is in the mix, but it adds depth of flavor to a simple dish. The beef is marinated in grated ginger and garlic, coconut aminos, lime juice, olive oil, and a splash of fish sauce. Cooked in avocado oil in a large skillet or dutch oven seared on each side and removed. Add broccoli florets and cook in beef juices until tender, add in stir fry greens or any other greens you please and green onions. Return meat to pan add 1-2tsp of sesame oil and rice vinegar, stir to combine and top with sesame seeds. Enjoy!

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