Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

Have you ever felt stuck? Continuing to do the things that are supposed to help you get healthy, lose weight, propel your career etc. but it just doesn’t seem to be working? Sometimes we think we know what to do, it worked for everyone else, why not me? Well here’s a secret; you are not everyone else, you are unique and what works for one person does not necessarily mean it will work for you. On the other hand, don’t think that you are so special that success will bypass ONLY you when that thing has worked for so many others.

Nothing changes if nothing changes! If  you have been doing the same thing and it’s not working, try something new. If you are not seeing the results that you want after months of eating a certain way, doing specific workouts, adhering to a marketing plan for your business, change something. I don’t mean throw it all out the window and start over, I mean change one thing, it could be the catalyst to transform you from distress to success.

Don’t know what to change? Start reading or researching to get fresh ideas and perspective. It’s easy to listen to one person’s success with a particular challenge and think “I will do exactly that and get results” and yes it may work, but it may not. Listen  to your gut and know when it is time to go rogue on the initial plan and do what your intuition is telling you. Have an open mind to what change could mean for you. Are you not changing due to fear, lack of direction, or are you plain stubborn?

For me this motto shows up in many ways in my life. Fitness, health, and lifestyle. We all have goals of how we want to look whether it’s slimmer, more toned, or bulked up. If you are not seeing results with your workouts #1 check your nutrition, but #2 change your movement. For me, I was doing the same workouts week after week and still not seeing the results I wanted. I didn’t have a sense of direction. Now, I could have just kept at it with the spin class and light weights but instead I started reading what other people were doing and started incorporating more interval training and heavy lifting. Changing the workouts changed the results. It takes time to see results I love the quote by Joseph Pilates “It takes 10 sessions to feel a difference, 20 sessions to see a difference and 30 sessions to be changed for life.” Now he was taking about doing Pilates specifically but this principle can be applied to any form of fitness. Results will not be immediate so have some mental tenacity. Your body likes to move and your muscles like variety.

There is a big buzz around the Keto diet and yes I have done it, but it did not have the same affects on my body that it had on others. Specifically around hormone balance. Doing the Keto diet threw my hormones into a crazy imbalance, that I am still dealing with. It has been said to be a miracle for many women with this issue, but for my unique body it did the complete opposite. Just because something works for one or many, it may not for you, and that’s okay. The hardest part of this was mentally accepting that I needed to change what I was doing because it was not working. I was stubborn; was I doing it wrong? It will work I just need to keep trying (it didn’t work), Maybe I needed to add this supplement or that specific food, nothing worked. I love the low carb lifestyle so I still adhere to many of the principles, however gradually I forced myself to become more lenient to see if my body will be able to heal. It is an ongoing process and when I finally reach a solution at the end of this journey I will be happy to share my story.

Lifestyle change can sometimes be the most difficult. The habits we have, often, are ingrained since childhood. Breaking these habits, identities, and stories come with a lot of work and self awareness. What I love about the health and life coaching program I did was we were called to do the work before we applied it to our clients. Through my coursework, I gained a lot of insight around stories and programming that I have about myself. One example I will share is my story around money. I have always been a saver, sometimes to a fault. I would say a lot of this has to do with how I was raised, parents being very conscious of money, shopping for sales, saying things were “expensive”, I don’t have enough money, etc. For years I’ve been at the same job, saving money, slightly closer to my goals but not much is changing. Is it possible that I needed to spend money, to make money, to do the things I wanted? I had heard it before but didn’t really think it was true. I was afraid, I need that money for the what ifs, but I surrendered and decided maybe it’s time I change that fear to possibility. The answer it is true, investing in yourself, can change the game and change your income. In 12 months I have completed my health and life coaching certification, done 4 fitness certification courses and I am 2 months away from starting a year long intensive Pilates instructor certification. I have had to retrain my brain from seeing $ signs as a negative to $ signs as a positive. All of these things I have invested for personal growth and because I love helping people see their potential growth. If I can help just one person feel better about their physical body, emotional well being, bring clarity where there is confusion around food and nutrition and help them heal then I would say that is the best change of all.

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