CSA Saturday 5&6

Every Saturday is like Christmas, well kinda. I love surprises and it’s so fun going to pick up my veggies not knowing what I’m going to get.

Week 5: csa6

Sorrel- I’ve found adding this lemony herb to my salads is quite tasty.

Purple Radishes- A bright pop of color to any dish. I used these in salads frequently and on my Cinco de Mayo tacos, delish! Health benefits: contain antioxidants, detoxifying chemicals, anti-cancer properties, fiber to help with digestion and weight loss, good source of vitamin C.

Rhubarb- Who knows what to do with Rhubarb other than make a delicious dessert and it was delicious! Rhubarb crisp reminds me of my childhood and its so simple to make. First saute rhubarb with cinnamon and sugar (I used Swerve) until tender, add to ramekin or other pan of your choice. Two large stalks produced just enough for 2 small ramekins. Crisp topping: oats, butter, cinnamon, sugar (or Swerve), almond flour, chopped nuts. Depending how much crisp you like, I used 1 cup total of oats and nuts w/ 1/4c almond flour, 2 tbsp cubed butter, combine with a fork or fingers, 1tbsp sweetener of choice, and 1/2 tsp cinnamon. Bake at 350 until topping is brown and crisp. Health benefits: high in vitamin K which is good for brain and bone health, aids in digestion, helps with blood circulation and blood sugar levels. **Since rhubarb is quite tart, adding sugar to make it palatable may offset some of these potential health benefits. rhubarbcrisp

Green Garlic- This was a new one for me, looks like a green onion but definitely tastes just like garlic so I used it as I would garlic cloves in my cooking for the week. Green garlic is the precursor to the more common bulbs of garlic, slightly more mild in flavor and a sign that Spring is here! Health benefits: antibacterial, aids in digestion, detoxifying, lowers blood pressure, boosts immune system.

Mixed salad greens- so delicious in my lunch salads, tender and more flavorful than the ones you get from those plastic boxes or bags.

Week 5.5: Tried a new produce delivery service Imperfect Produce. A great way to get organic vegetables at a lower cost, but still not cheaper than Costco, comparable to Trader Joe’s prices. The vegetable I received were not that imperfect or ugly. They have the most common vegetables, like what you see at the grocery store. You can customize what comes in your box and determine the frequency. I still enjoy the surprise and uncommon vegetables I get from my CSA box, but this could be a good way to supplement on certain vegetable.  csa3

Week 6: I had a bit of panic, still having some vegetables from last week, plus ordering my Imperfect produce box, my fridge was filled to the max. I didn’t want these precious veggies to go to waste so this week I need to make my meals all about the greens.

Mixed Stirfry Greens- also great for salads or cooking up in a quick saute. It’s truly a mystery I tasted some mustard greens and a combo of lettuces.

Green Salad Onion- well as the name suggests great for salads, but also can be used in pretty much any dish that needs a mild onion flavor.  csa5

Baby Turnips: Excited to try these greens sauteed with some garlic and olive oil. The baby turnips will be a perfect addition to a roasted root vegetable medley with some carrots, sweet potato, and onion. Health benefits- the greens actually hold more vitamins and minerals than the root itself. Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, fiber, high in calcium and potassium, aids in digestion, promotes cardiovascular and eye health.

Pea Shoots: I used these in a quinoa and asparagus dish to add another layer of flavor, slightly sweet pea flavor.  Health benefits: good source of vitamin a,c,k and folate, anti-inflammatory properties.cleanse10

Beet Greens: Great sauteed and added to a stir fry, eggs, pilaf or just as a side. Slightly beet flavor, holds more of the nutritional power than the actual beet root itself. Health Benefits: fiber, one of the highest sources of vitamin K, also contains high amounts of vitamins A and C, excellent source of calcium and magnesium, more iron than spinach, may help with Alzheimer’s disease, bone health, antioxidant.

When looking for the healthiest, most nutrient dense, power house, disease fighting,  vegetables remember GREEN is your friend. Eat the leaves!

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