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Since working with Paula, I’ve developed healthy habits that have impacted every area of my life! I know a lot about what I “should” do, but struggle with actually doing it. Paula has offered the accountability I need and many ideas when my approach wasn’t working. Even when my health took an unexpected turn and my goals had to shift, she didn’t miss a beat and helped me both define and focus on what I wanted and needed. I look forward to the continued progress I’ll make working with her! -Kenni K.

Working with Paula was a great experience, she helped me stay accountable to myself and I made a lot of self progress in a short amount of time. She offers great insight and helped motivate me to make healthier choices not just on my plate but in my life. Having the help of a health & wellness coach at my side was so useful!!- Travis H.

Paula is amazing and has helped me so much. True, she is my daughter, but regardless I find her knowledge about nutrition, exercise, mental health and new ways to spice up meals both informative and thought provoking. She guided me through the 14 day Cleanse and I was able to lose that stubborn last 5lbs and gain more confidence in how I look and feel. She has given me so much good advice and tips and I appreciate all she has to offer.- Cecilia S.

Thank you for working with me and helping me get on the right track. I found our weekly calls beneficial because I felt that I was being held accountable and it helped to reflect back on the week and set new goals for the following week. During our time I also saw a nutritionist however I felt our sessions and working together helped me more. You helped me understand the whys and helped me see things from a new perspective. While I did not reach my ultimate goals there was progress made and I feel more aware of the choices I make. -Marissa F.

In the past I attempted and failed many times to eliminate or reduce sugar in my diet. With Paula’s support and guidance, I was finally able to successfully complete a cleanse diet and find out which foods were causing problems for me. I have made several dietary adjustments based on my discoveries and feel better than I have in years. I am sleeping better and have more energy to do the things I love. Thank you Paula. -DeAnn F.

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