Clearing The Clutter

A few days ago something really weird happened. I forgot about an appointment I had scheduled AND I forgot to meal prep for one of my clients. Now luckily, I remembered in enough time to complete the meals before heading to bed that night, but the other, totally spaced.  I am not one to put... Continue Reading →

2nd Annual Chopped Challenge

Have you seen the show Chopped on Food Network? 4 Basket ingredients 20 minutes to create a clever and delicious dish. Last Valentine's Day, my husband and I decided to put our creativity and cooking skills to the test by making an entrée and dessert in true Chopped fashion. We bought each other 4 mystery ingredients and... Continue Reading →

Instant Pot Bone Broth

A few months ago I posted about bone broth and I have since upgraded from Crockpot to InstantPot. Nothing against using a Crockpot to make bone broth but going from 12 hours to 2 hours in the InstantPot is a game changer. I use bones from cooked whole chickens, venison, beef, or lamb, pretty much... Continue Reading →

Kicking The Gum Habit

I have been a gum chewer for as long as I can remember. Playing softball growing up it was common to have a big piece of Bubblicious (not sugar-free) every game and practice. As I got older, thankfully not getting any cavities as a result, I switched to sugar-free gum to keep my teeth healthy.... Continue Reading →

Sunday Funday Meal Prep

This week I went heavy on the veggies and utilized a lot of overlapping ingredients to cut down on prep time and to keep my grocery list as short as possible. Following I've outlined my menu and highlighted the ingredients I used in each so you can see how each meal is similar yet different.... Continue Reading →

Community Supported Agriculture

This week I joined my first CSA program, 40 weeks of fresh veggies coming my way. I am so grateful to live in a place that has not one but multiple CSA programs to choose from, within miles of my house. I had considered joining last year but procrastinated and talked myself out of it due... Continue Reading →

Feast of Seven Fishes

My husband and I are carrying on an Italian Christmas Eve tradition called Festa dei Sette Pesci which translates to Feast of Seven Fishes. There are many ideas of the origins and the proper way to cook the meal but we like to make it our own. This is our second year and we have wised... Continue Reading →

New Year Goal Setting

So many people make New Year's resolutions but only about 8% of them follow through, why is that? Well mainly because their resolution lacks one or many of the following: passion, measurability, accountability, or a plan. Lose weight, eat better, exercise, drink more water, these are all great goals, but very broad and lacking a... Continue Reading →

My First Workshop

For the past 5 years I have been a client of Longevita Pilates in Auburn,WA. I have seen the studio grow from a small space offering Pilates and yoga; expanding to a space probably 10 times the size and incorporating hot yoga, barre, Zumba, boot camp, and TRX. I have been so lucky that as... Continue Reading →

Immune Support Breakfast & Dessert

As part of a protocol from my doctor, he recommended his immune support breakfast cereal. Now I'm not completely sure if he made the recipe up himself or if it was adapted from somewhere else, but it's tasty and versatile as you will see. I was hesitant at first to incorporate any starchy carbs into... Continue Reading →

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