Community Supported Agriculture

This week I joined my first CSA program, 40 weeks of fresh veggies coming my way. I am so grateful to live in a place that has not one but multiple CSA programs to choose from, within miles of my house. I had considered joining last year but procrastinated and talked myself out of it due to the cost.

romanesco.jpgAfter committing to eat mostly organic this past year, it only made sense to support a local farm that could provide my family with organic produce on a weekly basis. I’ve done a lot of research, reading, and listening to podcasts about the benefits of eating organically and the cost was no longer a barrier. I have reframed my perspective to be: What is it costing my health to not eat organically and toxin free? What money am I saving on food if I am going to be putting that into healthcare costs?

A few aspects that intrigue me most about joining a CSA is trying new foods and using truly fresh and local ingredients in my cooking. As you know I love to cook! So what better than sourcing the best ingredients to use in my dishes. Another awesome aspect of the CSA is becoming part of a local community and living so close that I can volunteer my time to benefit the farm and get my hands dirty.

If you’re local check out  OR and search for a CSA program near you.





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