New Year Goal Setting

So many people make New Year’s resolutions but only about 8% of them follow through, why is that? Well mainly because their resolution lacks one or many of the following: passion, measurability, accountability, or a plan. Lose weight, eat better, exercise, drink more water, these are all great goals, but very broad and lacking a S.M.A.R.T. plan. You may have seen this acronym it stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely. These are all things that are going to make you “resolutions” put you in that 8%. Additionally, some things  to consider when setting goals or resolutions are to state them the positive, what do you want rather than what you don’t want. Make them reliant and motivated by YOU not anyone else, if you aren’t passionate about it (think 8/10 or higher on a scale of importance) or have control of your desired outcome, you are setting yourself up for failure. Two questions to ask yourself : Why is this important? What will having this do for me? If it doesn’t scare you a little bit go bigger!

Every year I buy the same planner and I am so excited this year it has a specific page for goals and gratitude. I’m old school and like to write things out and see what my month, week, and days look like. It also allows me to track my life and schedule better. This is the one I love!
Last year, I designated a page for my goals and looking back I achieved most of  them, so some I have carried over to this year. The act of writing your goals down and keeping them in a place where you will see them weekly or even better daily, I’ve found, help me stay on target. When you find that piece of paper stashed away at the end of year with your goals written out on it more than likely you will have forgotten what they even were. Here are a few of mine for 2018: drink 64oz of water each day, donate to charity 1x/month, finish alphabet cross-stitch (carried over from last year). A key factor to achieving your goals is setting yourself up for success. Using the S.M.A.R.T. goal formula is helpful, but also being aware of what specifically you need to do get there. Whether it’s getting an accountability partner or coach, buying a 64oz water bottle, or keeping a food journal, find ways to overcome what has held you back in the past.

Gratitude is another great thing to write down daily, weekly, or monthly. The act of being grateful and showing gratitude invites more of that into your life and provides a positive energy flow. Keeping a daily gratitude journal is also one of my goals for 2018.

I like the word goal better than resolution. To me, resolution sounds like there is a problem you are trying to fix, rather than focusing on achieving something that is going to make your life better. Even better yet is the word mantra, it is a little less specific than a goal but it is an overarching theme and a way to bring energy to your goals and  intentions. Setting a mantra for each day, week, month, or year, can be very beneficial to guiding yourself in a more spiritual way. It is a common practice in yoga and meditation. My mantra for 2018 is: the opportunity is yours for the taking.

Leave me a comment and let me know what your goals and mantra are for the year.  Here’s to making 2018 the best year yet!

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