My First Workshop

workshop flyer

For the past 5 years I have been a client of Longevita Pilates in Auburn,WA. I have seen the studio grow from a small space offering Pilates and yoga; expanding to a space probably 10 times the size and incorporating hot yoga, barre, Zumba, boot camp, and TRX. I have been so lucky that as the studio has grown, that I have been able to grow myself. From being a client to now being an instructor at the studio has been nothing short of a miracle. I never would have thought that I would be teaching group fitness classes, in a way it seemed like public speaking and that was terrifying. Since starting a journey of self discovery in my health coaching program I have stretched myself to new ends, doing things even 8 months ago I would have been scared to try. They says fear is the number one thing that holds people back from achieving their goals. I am so grateful to the owner of Longevita, Shelia, that she had the confidence in me that I didn’t see myself at the time, and gave me an opportunity to become a part of her team. I will be honest the first class I taught I was so over prepared and nervous, so I made my husband come participate for moral support. Almost 4 months later it has become the highlight of  my week, and my husband still comes to class! During an instructor get together, I was sharing what I was doing with my health coaching program and a comment was made about my social media posts of food and meal prep. The idea of doing a workshop to brought up and immediately my critter brain said “danger”. Again, that lack of confidence and fear of being seen and heard crept in. It weighed on my mind for about a  month and I thought you know what why not do a workshop? This has been a year of overcoming myself and getting out of my own way, this is a perfect opportunity to share what I do and help others. So in 3 weeks I will be having my first New Year New You Meal Prep Workshop. It is how my journey began and it’s a perfect way to help others get started on their journey to being healthy, happy, and energized!

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